About Us

Sustainable, Safe Farming

Canadian egg farmers are proud to offer some of the highest quality products in the world. Due to a regulated system of supply management that is managed by provincial egg organizations and overseen by the Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), we can ensure that an adequate supply of safe, high quality eggs are always available to Canadians.

What is Supply Management?

Supply Management is a system that helps to ensure producers provide the eggs required to supply Canadian customers with what they need and want. The demand is estimated on an annual basis for the entire country, and producers in each province are given quotas.

Who Oversees it?

EFC evaluates the market and sets the requirement each year, and then works with the provincial egg organizations to distribute and manage quotas. EFC in turn is regulated by the Farm Products Council of Canada, which helps farmers and advocates on behalf of customers. The Council must approve the requirements set by EFC.

What’s the Benefit?

Setting an annual requirement and providing quotas results in a less volatile market, and less competition which means that producers can focus on delivering quality product in an environmentally friendly way and still be successful. It also ensures that family farms can sustain their businesses and provide the consumer with local product.