All About Eggs


Have some questions about Egg Farmers of New Brunswick, the egg industry or just eggs in general? We’ve gathered a few of the most popular questions and answers here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just click here to send your question along to us.

What is supply management?

Supply management is a system that matches Canadian demand with made-in-Canada eggs. It means Canadians have access to a consistent supply of fresh, local and high-quality eggs, while ensuring farmers earn a fair return for their work. For more on supply management click here.

What are free run and free range eggs?

The term free run refers to eggs produced by hens that are able to move around open concept barns.

Free range is a similar concept, except that the hens also have access to the outdoors.

Why do eggs become solid when they are cooked?

When an egg is cooked or heated the protein structure of the egg is altered and becomes more rigid. This process is not reversible.

I hear eggs are high in cholesterol. Should I really have them in my diet?

Eggs have a variety of health benefits and are highly nutritious. If you have normal cholesterol levels and your fat intake is reasonable there is no reason to cut out eggs or any other food containing cholesterol.