Celebrating Egg Farmers of New Brunswick’s Founding Farmers

During a celebration of their 51.5 Anniversary, a delayed celebration of their 50th anniversary that fell during COVID, Egg Farmers of New Brunswick shone a light on the great history of their organization.

The anniversary celebration for farmers, board members, staff and industry friends, featured an egg-shaped pull-apart cake, favours of Egg cups with a pewter 50th anniversary logo filled with fried egg gummy candies, and some special presentations!

First, Egg Farmers of New Brunswick recognized the seven farms that have been with them from the beginning by presenting them with a Founding Farmers Award. The recipients were:


From left: Gailand, Carol, Aaron and Kara Law accept their Founding Farmer award from EFNB Board Director David Coburn.

H. Law & Sons

In the 1930s, Gailand’s father, Harry Law, started a mixed farm, of fruits, vegetables, livestock and eggs in Belleisle Bay, N.B. After realizing his knack for producing high-quality eggs, Harry sharpened his focus and became Egg Farmers of New Brunswick’s first Chair in 1971 and a founding member of the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency. In 2010, Gailand’s son Aaron returned to the farm to continue the passion for farming as their 3rd generation.


Dunphy’s Poultry Farm

Dunphy’s Poultry Farm has been family owned and operated since 1970 in Keswick Ridge, N.B. In 1987, Earl Dunphy served on the EFNB board for a number of years, followed by his son Jeff. As the 3rd  generation egg farmer, Justin continues supporting their community by providing eggs to the Eggs in Schools program, through their grading station Early Bird Eggs.


Kim Kelly (left) accepts Durnnian Poultry Farm’s Founding Farmer award from EFNB Board Director Kara Law.

Durnnian Poultry Farm

James Durnnian purchased their farm in Long Point, N.B., in 1942. James sat on the EFNB Board starting in 1973 for a number of years, followed by his son Stan in 1981. Now, James’s granddaughter Kim Kelly, as a 3rd generation egg farmer, currently sits on the EFNB Board as Vice Chair since 2015.


Goodine’s Poultry Farm

Goodine’s Poultry Farm started farming in 1935 in Bear Island, N.B. In 1951, they began selling their self-graded eggs every Saturday at the Fredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market, passing on their farming traditions through five generations.


La Ferme Avicole Chiasson

The Chiasson family has been producing eggs since 1959 in Saint-Simon, N.B., on the Acadian peninsula when Emmanuel’s father, Pamphile, started with 300 hens to provide eggs to his mother’s general store. Emmanuel continues to serve northern New Brunswick fresh graded eggs through their grading station.


George MacLeod accepts the Founding Farmer award for Maple Meadow/New Meadow from EFNB Board Director Kim Kelly.

Maple Meadow/New Meadow

During the 1960’s, the MacLeod family expanded from a few hundred layers to a few thousand to supply a population growth that saw stores beginning to import eggs from other provinces. George’s father, Arnold sat on the Board for 22 years, and George for 20 years. The MacLeod family is now farming its 5th generation in Tower Hill, N.B., through successful succession planning with George’s nephew Paul.


From left: Tyler, Glenn and David Coburn accept their Founding Farmer award from EFNB Board Chair Hans Kristensen.

W.B. Coburn & Sons

The Coburns have been farming in Keswick Ridge, N.B., since before confederation in 1806. David’s father, Burris Coburn sat on the Board starting in 1973 and David, has served on the EFNB Board for now 20 years. David’s sons: Glen and Tyler are continuing the farming traditions at Coburn Farms as 7th generation farmers.


The current EFNB Board honours former GM April Sexsmith with an Honorary Egg Farmer Award. From left: EFNB Director Francois Jacques, EFNB Director Kara Law, EFNB Vice-Chair Kim Kelly, EFNB GM Sarah Loftus, Former EFNB GM April Sexsmith, EFNB Chair Hans Kristensen and EFNB Director David Coburn.

Second, Egg Farmers of New Brunswick also recognized former general manager, April Sexsmith, with an Honorary Egg Farmer award as a proper celebration for her retirement. With some kind words from some old friends it was a great celebration to end a 30 year career.

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