EFNB featured in Fields to Forks campaign

This year, Egg Farmers of New Brunswick were lucky to join with CTV for their six-week Fields to Forks campaign that focuses on the Maritime Farming industry.

Putting the spotlight on farmers, manufactures and distributors who help to bring the food we eat to all families in the province.

Kim Kelly, of Durnnian Poultry Farm Ltd., narrated our story as a strong female voice in the egg industry. Featured along side Kim were clips from H. Law & Sons Ltd. and Grant’s Breeder Farm, as we worked to highlight the farming families that keep the egg industry strong all across New Brunswick.

Keep an eye out for our commercial on CTV, and watch for our spot on CTV Morning Live on Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

To learn more about Fields to Forks, and see commercials from around the region, click here 

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